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The Law

There have been changes in legislation that affect your company if you have technicians who recover and recharge air conditioning systems and handle refrigerants:

04 July 2006 - The European Union's F-gas Regulation No. 842/2006 became law.
04 July 2007 - The requirement that personnel involved in installation, maintenance, servicing, containment and recovery of refrigerants must obtain existing UK qualification came into force.
04 July 2008 - It will be an offence to handle HFC refrigerants unless operatives are suitably trained and hold current Safe Handling of Refrigerants certificates.
04 July 2009 - Only companies with certified personnel can take delivery of refrigerants covered by F Gas Regulations.
01 January 2010 - No virgin HCFC can be supplied or used for servicing existing equipment.
04 July 2010 - All personnel handling refrigerants from a mobile air conditioning system (MAC) must hold a valid qualification.
04 July 2011 - Personnel carrying out service, maintenance, recovery or leak checking on stationary refrigeration equipment containing refrigerants covered by the F Gas Regulations must have obtained one of the updated national qualifications.
01 January 2015 - It is highly recommended that all F Gas personnel have been updated in line with changes in legislation

Please remember that anyone who handles refrigerants must be qualified.

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